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vinyl sheet piling

Water Control Systems

Vinyl Sheet Piles can be utilised for fluid containment or cutoff barriers due to their good chemical resistance and seepage resistance especially if combined with a sealant.

Vinyl PVC Sheet Piles can be utilized for water control structures that function by altering the flow of water in a pond, drainage channel or stream. ESC sheet piles have been utilized for water control applications for decades.


Examples of utilizing vinyl sheet piles relevant to water control systems include:

•    Baffle Walls for water or waste water flow control
•    River Weirs
•    Pond Linings
•    Channel Linings for agricultural applications
•    River Diversion
•    Mining drainage systems

ESC Vinyl Sheet Piles are an eco-friendly material that is light-weight, aesthetic and very corrosion resistant. 

water control pvc sheet piles

Application of vinyl sheet piling  to water control solutions


The modern engineering operations that include irrigation operations, reservoir engineering, flood control, and soil moisture conservation demand the conscious control of the water systems involved to ensure low costs are incurred in the maintenance of the optimum moisture content.

Materials initially used in the water control solution


Before the introduction of vinyl sheet pile, the material that was used for the control of water systems included the use of mass control, timber materials, steel, and earth that is combined with other materials with cementitious properties.

On the other hand, these materials have proved to be ineffective in their longevity and cost incurred, since they are affected by environmental factors such as acid rain as well as the salinity that accelerates their deterioration. Besides, materials such as timber are affected biological components that include fungi and termites.

Why vinyl sheet piles?


Since the invention of vinyl sheet piles in use for engineering operations, the water control solutions have been enhanced considerably. Being that vinyl sheet piles are waterproof, nonbiodegradable, and inert to the environmental deterioration agents, their use has been widely applied in the engineering field.

Vinyl sheet piles as sluice gates


In the water storage systems that include reservoir and even storage tanks, the materials that are often used include steel and even timber for the control of the discharge in sluices. However, these have often posed high maintenance costs since they are expensive and easily affected by environmental factors.

The invention of vinyl sheet piles greatly transformed the systems singe the longevity that is in most cases, demanded of them is enhanced. The appearance of the sluice gates remains relatively the same for many years since the only agents of compromises to its appearance are mechanical stresses and dirt which can, in turn, be regulated. Improved vinyl sheet piles currently have greater strengths that enable them to sustain great loads, hence, their superiority in use.

Vinyl sheet piles as seepage barriers


In extensive agricultural settings as well as small-scale intensive agricultural settings demands the conscious control of the moisture that nourishes the plants. The control of such waters includes the use of mulching to reduce the rate of evaporation as well as the use of piles to prevent lateral seepage or vertical seepage in some extreme cases. For this reason, the materials that were suggested for use included steel sheet piles to block the flow of the moisture, on the other hand, steel fabric has proved to be ineffective as a result of their vulnerability to attack by salinity and acidity as well as the favorable conditions for rusting.

With the use of vinyl sheet piles, the control of lateral and vertical seepage has become relatively affordable as a result of their longevity in use as well as their abundance. Installing the sheet piles is relatively easy and their removal during land preparation is well easy. In reservors, their use has as well gained popularity since they tend to be the most cost-effective and convenient in use.

Other water control solutions where vinyl sheet piles are used

What separates vinyl sheet piles from other fabric in use is their versatility, the uses are inexhaustible and this includes:

  • Flood mitigation- they can be used to contain floodwater within their channel

  • Stormwater control- stormwater may be directed through vinyl sheet pile within the desired course

  • Mining activities- mining operations in regions having groundwater can demand the use of vinyl sheet piles for their control

  • Use in caissons- caissons aids the underwater operations, with the use of vinyl sheet piles, caissons that are resistant to attack may be made

  • Use in the wastewater controls

  • Used as stop boards

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