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vinyl sheet pile installed on site

Embankment Works / Road Construction

These aspects allow the sheet pile to work as low strength cantilevered or supported 9tie rods, struts or anchors), retaining walls, Vinyl sheet piles are most suitable for embankment works due to its improved water tightness that prevents liquefaction.

The use of sheet piles reduces the volume of backfill materials by enclosing certain limits exactly as necessary. Employing the material also eliminates the requirement for slope protection works and helps maximize the area when it is limited.


Vinyl sheet pile which can be manufactured to any length specified in the project would make them ideal for the construction of the following:

•    over water or elevated roads

•    over water or elevated walkways

•    coastal roads

•    jetties or berths

•    other reclamations.

Vinyl Sheet piles for road construction and embankment works
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