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plastic sheet piling

Marine Structures

Vinyl Sheet Piles can be utilised for fluid containment or cutoff barriers due to their good chemical resistance and seepage resistance especially if combined with a sealant.

Over the last 25 years, ESC has been delivering sheet piling solutions to marine structures. Vinyl PVC Sheet Piles provide an excellent option for a long-lasting structural solution due to their superior corrosion resistance, aesthetic finish, and lightweight profile for easy handling and installation.


The marine applications include:

•    Marine Bulkheads & Seawalls
•    Tide Walls
•    Breakwaters
•    Wave Breaks
•    Jetty Structures
•    Groins
•    Scour Protection and Erosion Control
•    Retaining Walls

pvc sheet piles

Application of Vinyl sheet piling to marine structures


The marine environment has over the years posed harsh conditions to sheet piling systems used for construction operations taking place below sea level. Traditionally, the use of timber, steel, and concrete was used. However, these materials were prone to attack by both biological factors and chemical conditions that are present within the marine environment.

Vinyl sheet piles


Vinyl sheet piles possess a fabric that is inert to attack by biological factors that include attack by mollusks and crustaceans which rapidly deteriorates timber when used as sheet piles. On the contrary, commonly used steel sheet piles though equipped with advanced coating systems such as galvanization and painting have as well been less effective due to harsh marine chemicals that include salinity and weak acids. Steel sheet piles require maintenance to serve their design life. Aside from coating systems, their integrity is preserved by advanced anti-corrosion solutions like cathodic protection.

Vinyl sheet piles being non-biodegradable are unsusceptible to the above-mentioned effects. This superior quality and characteristic make vinyl a non-questionable option among other materials, especially in the marine environment.

The cost of procurement and installation


Vinyl sheet piles are formed from polymerization products which are from petrochemicals. They are currently available in large quantities and as a result, they are purchased at relatively affordable prices. Vinyl sheet piles have lesser densities making them easier and cheaper to handle and transport.  This is unlike steel and timber sheet piles which are more expensive in the production perspective as well as in transportation and handling costs.

The inertness in vinyl sheet piles guarantees their longevity and zero maintenance, therefore, the long-term cost is very small.

Aesthetics in vinyl sheet pile


Appearance is always one of the key considerations when installing a structure or in any construction work. When steel or timber is used as sheet piles, they are prone to deterioration after a period. On the other hand, vinyl sheet pile possesses a superior quality of resistance to attack, maintaining their appearance over time. This is the reason why most clients prefer it besides reduced overall cost.

Vinyl sheet pile is resistant to effects of UV radiations


Sun's rays produce ultraviolet emissions which in most cases deteriorate materials such as timber and coating materials like paints. Materials that are alternately exposed under the sun and saturated conditions tend to lose integrity more rapidly making them ineffective especially in marine environments. Vinyl, on the other hand, is proven to have excellent resistance to the effects of ultraviolet radiation. This, therefore, leads to added durability.

There is an ease in their installation


Vinyl sheet piles are generally designed artificially and therefore, have minimal variations. Their consistent geometry and negligible dimensional imperfection translates into their predictability and hence ease of installation. This is unlike timber that may possess unevenness and deformities as well as the warping which in turn, compromise their effectiveness, consequently, the difficulty in their installation.

Vinyl sheet piles have assured warranties


As a result of their resistance to environmental factors that include water, chemicals, and biological factors, a warranty of up to 60 years can be given to the product even in the harshest conditions since they are only affected by abrasive stresses.

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