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PVC Sheet Pile Driving Guide

ESC offers a selection of driving guide configurations which improve the straightness of driving and also appearance of the finished vinyl sheet pile wall.

Data Sheet

ESC recommends driving guides in general as they improve the appearance of the driven line of sheet piles. Typically the driving guides are constructed of either steel sections (channels or beams) welded together with a spacing slightly wider than the depth of the sheet pile profile being driven.  Driving guides should typically be able to align with at least 8 pairs of Z piles or 8 U piles for maximum efficiency whilst using the previously driven piles to help maintain alignment. Shown on the right are typical driving guides which may be dragged progressively along. A single layer driving guide is generally recommended for piles with less than 1 meter of exposed length and double layer for greater than 1 meter exposed height. The driving guide can further be reinforced from movement by driving small steel beams to stop it shifting laterally. Spirit level should also be checked on the guide to ensure it is sufficiently flat. Wood or steel chocks can be used to adjust levelling as well, but these may sink if the ground is too soft or the chocks are too small.


When constructing over water, vertical steel or wood beams can be driven  on the land side of the sheet pile wall with horizontal beams spot welded or wooden planks nailed onto the vertical members. For optimal straightness over water, this can also be repeated over the water side, but the installer must be careful not to have enough of a gap for the sheet piles to be driven through. The vertical guide beams should also be checked for verticality in both planes prior to installing the horizontal members.

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