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ESC Vinyl Sheet Pile Profiles

Vinyl Sheet Piling is an effective earth retention and excavation support construction material. The Interlocking Sheet Piles also offer considerable resistance against water seepage. ESC maintains a strong commitment to delivery timelines and repeated customer satisfaction make ESC the preferred supplier for Vinyl Sheet Piles globally. 


Vinyl Sheet Pile Applications

Temporary Cofferdam Application

Diaphragm Wall Construction

Vinyl sheet piles are most convenient for underground storage tanks

In marine environments that involve the removal and retention of salty and corrosive water, the use of vinyl sheet piles has been considered to be most efficient for use. Besides, they are nonbiodegradable, since the sea mollusks and crustaceans do not feed on them.

In the construction operations that involves deep excavation as well as the retention of huge mass of soil with a raised water table, it is recommendable that vinyl sheet piles are used since they are not affected by the soil moisture. They are as well structurally convenient for the serviceability threshold since, they can last for longer durations without appreciable deterioration.

Most of the capillary, as well as the free underground water, are normally salty and corrosive, the use of steel and timber has over time proved to be ineffective for use. Vinyl sheet piles have surpassed the defects associated with steel and timber. In underground water storage tanks, vinyl sheet piles are considered to be most efficient for durability and inertness to corrosion.

Vinyl sheet piles are convenient for use in tunnels and shafts

Foundation support materials can be vinyl sheet piles

Quarry walls can utilize the vinyl sheet pile technology

Tunnels that cross the marine environment as well as underneath alkaline soil materials have conveniently been installed through the utilization of vinyl sheet piles, this is because they are nonbiodegradable, as well, they are inert to chemical corrosion.

Foundation construction can involve the removal of huge heaps of soil material. For the prevention of water accumulation within the dug foundation, the use of vinyl sheet piles is utilized to retain the soil against slip as well as the retention of the underground water from accumulating within the foundation.

The process of recovery of precious rocks from the ground often involves penetration deep into the ground. This usually demands the support of the soil slip as well as the prevention of underground water from penetrating into the tunnels. Therefore, the use of vinyl sheet piles has proved to be convenient for these operations.

Vinyl sheet piles in bridge abutments

Home basements can as well be constructed by the utilization of vinyl sheet piles

Penetration of rainwater into the bridge soil materials can adversely lead to the deterioration of the bridge. The use of vinyl sheet piles often ensures that the soil materials are effectively contained. Besides, the infiltrating rainwater can be barred through the use of these vinyl sheet piles.

The construction of basements normally entails the penetration into the ground that can go beyond the water table. For the soil material retention as well as the groundwater, the use of vinyl sheet piles has proved to be effective since they are durable.

Therefore ESC high-quality vinyl sheet pile series will provide the solution to the above application.


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