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ESC Engineering Capabilities

ESC prides itself not just on selling its products, but delivering a full service to the customer, especially when it comes to design. ESC's engineers arewell-suited to work closely with the client to consider all design options, select the best one and optimise the design for the project. Presented here are some of the capabilities of ESC's global team.

Sheet Piling System Design

ESC can offer the client unparalleled support for the design of a sheet pile retaining wall system. This can include design of tiebacks, corrosion protection, pile caps, strutting system and various other items.

Geotechnical Analysis - Plaxis

ESC has invested in the training and experience of using the global leading geotechnical analaysis software Plaxis. Using this powerful tool, ESC can accurately simulate various loading conditions to provide the client more confidence in the engineering design.


ESC can produce high quality engineering, fabrication and layout drawings to the client, in standard Autocad format. 

Retaining Wall Design - ReWARD

In complicance to the BS Eurocode, ESC can swiftly produce a retaining wall design specification including sheet pile specification and strutting level detailing using engineering software ReWARD.

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