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Utilizing Vinyl Sheet Pile in Flood Protection

Updated: Apr 20

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There are various ways to reduce the impact of flooding, including building properties above flood levels, planting trees in strategic positions, increased use of flood walls and barriers and constructing homes and commercial properties so as to be better able to withstand floods.

With increased flooding risks around the world, it’s of vital importance that as much as possible is done to mitigate the impacts of floods. One such measure is the use of vinyl sheet piling in construction.

Vinyl sheet pile can also be used to effectively control water, ensuring the flow goes where it should and reducing the risks of overspill.

Benefits of Using Vinyl Sheet Piling

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Also sometimes known as synthetic sheet pile, PVC sheet pile and polymer sheet pile, vinyl sheet piling can be used in both flood prevention and water control capacities, offering a safe, sturdy, durable, high-performance, water-proof solution with high seepage resistance. Where traditional materials may experience seepage between interlocking parts, vinyl sheets have no such issues or concerns.

Vinyl Sheet pile is also more resistant to corrosion than other materials and is designed to be resistant to UV rays. It is manufactured to high standards, abiding by relevant codes and rules.

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Cost-effective, vinyl sheet piles are quick to install when compared with many other flood prevention and water control measures. They are lightweight, making them easy to transport and install. With the proper equipment, plastic sheet piles can be installed in any place where a traditional sheet pile could have been fitted.

A major benefit of vinyl sheet pile is that, unlike other materials, it requires no surface treatment after installing.

With a uniform appearance, plastic sheet piles are aesthetically pleasing. With a fifty-plus year lifetime, longevity is also guaranteed, both in terms of appearance and, more importantly, in terms of structural integrity and reliability.

Vinyl sheet piles from ESC Group are ecofriendly and have no toxic coating so are not harmful to the surrounding environment. They are made from sustainable polymer too. They are more resistant to rodents, small marine creatures and common chemicals than other materials and are not damaged by salt in water.

Example Uses of Vinyl Sheet Piling

Sheet piling is used to create both permanent and temporary walls during construction processes.

There are many ways construction companies can use vinyl sheet piling for flood prevention and water control. They include:

  • Reinforcing dikes

  • Reinforcing flood ditches

  • Reinforcing drainage channels

  • Lining ponds

  • Protective walls for water flow control

  • Protective walls for waste water flow control

  • Protective caissons for keeping foundations dry and when working underwater

  • Controlling groundwater

  • Controlling stormwater

  • Building seawalls

  • Building bulkheading

In essence, vinyl sheet piling has revolutionized the engineering world when water is concerned, rendering previous materials, such as steel, concrete, wood and aluminum, all but obsolete.

Choose ESC

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If you’re searching for PVC sheet pile for sale, trust ESC Group for all your construction projects.

A leading vinyl sheet pile supplier with a global presence and plenty of experience, ESC is your best resource when using plastic sheet pile for flood prevention and water control.

Get in touch with ESC today to discuss your requirements for vinyl sheet piles.

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